Month: March 2017

Science Week Particles

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As part of Science Week Year3 have been exploring the particles in solids, liquids and gases. The particles in solids are tightly packed together and vibrate very quickly; the particles in a liquid move around more freely and brush past each other; and the particles in a gas move around quickly, freely and change direction without warning! The children have been practising their netball skills whilst also pretending to be these different particles!


today our children are learning a new dance routine as part of their extra curricular dance class. The children are really enjoying themselves

Year 3 Netball

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In Year 3 we are learning all of the skills we need to play competitive netball: chest passes, bounce passes, eye contact, calling our teammates’ names and so on. These guys have taken to it really well and we may have some future Olympic net ballers in our class!

Year 3 Goes Dance Crazy!

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Today, Year 3 started their brand new dance topic for PE: Forces and Magnets! Linking to our Science topic, the children have been putting together a routine that involves pushes and pulls; attraction and repelling; and starts and stops. We’re only on week 1 but even the boys are getting stuck in!!